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ATID ADVERTISING was founded by a group of business people who experienced a hard time trying to find a reliable door to door distribution company that could really execute the job.
ATID ADVERTISING is  unique in many ways. It is a pioneer in developing an effective control and supervision methods to ensure maximum results and a vehicle for personal communication between the advertiser and the consumer.

Currently ATID ADVERTISING is delivering to a vast penetration of over one million households in the area it serves,  the greater Los Angeles County market.

Unlike the post office, our sole reason for being in business is to deliver your advertising.

Through ATID ADVERTISING, we provide our own door to door distribution system, to offer you a cost-effective delivery of your advertising message.


ATID ADVERTISING tailors it's delivery process to meet the requirements of it's customer. It can deliver to an entire city, entire valley, or just a few neighborhoods.

The strength of ATID ADVERTISING lies in the fact that it is a people to people system, and as such, can control and pinpoint delivery to include a single carrrier out of more than 60 who make up the door-to-door distribution force.

More than 60 carriers, controlled by group managers, field quality control personnel and weekly spot check inspections, make it possible for advertisers to overlay their marketing areas on the ATID ADVERTISING master distribution map which specifies exact areas of desired penetration.

It is the people-to-people concept of ATID ADVERTISING that makes this kind of dependable delivery possible at the most cost-effective rates.

You can plan your entire operation and sales effort based on the fact that your materials will have arrived to support merchandising plans.

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