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 Every single delivery area comes under the close scrutiny and direct management of an
 area manager who is turn, under the direct control of a circulation manager. They are, in
 turn, monitored by a weekly spot check of deliveries. ATID ADVERTISING is secure
 in its belief that if every single routes is continuously and thoroughly monitored, route will
 be effectively serviced.

 The process begins upon delivery of materials to the warehouse and the pieces required
 for specific routes are bundled and labeled with the name and number of the exact route
 over which they will be distributed.

 There are no wasted materials and no need for costly overruns, no pieces damaged or
 lost in handling and none delivered to areas where they are not to be distributed.

 Your materials are distributed fully identified and pre-counted to the carriers for prompt

 For your information, ATID ADVERTISING is one of the largest private postal services
 in the Los Angeles County and more.......monthly distribution to over one million homes.We
 have the entire area broken down by postal routes which allows our carriers to deliver third
 class saturation mail just as the U.S Postal Service does, except that we attach your materials
 directly to the door-knob of the home, so that you have the best possible exposure.

 Due to the enormous ethnic mix in California, ( Primarily Hispanic), the over-all newspaper has
 dropped to 25% and under. This factor, coupled with an apartment density of 40% has created
 major penetration problems for both newspaper publications and direct mail advertisers.

 With the ATID ADVERTISING program of private postal delivery, apartment complexes are
 individually door-knobbed as opposed to feathering 25% of the units. This service alone dramatically
 and immediately increases the penetration of your advertising material.

 The total sales figures for all of our clients has time and time again proven that the ATID ADVERTISING
system of hand delivery provides the strongest market pull over and other form of advertising distribution
 in the greater Los Angeles market.

 In light of the current and rising costs of newspaper and direct mail advertising, the ATID ADVERTISING
 system of private postal delivery has become the most cost efficient and reliable source for total market
 coverage in the greater Los Angeles region.

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